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Photography has been my passion for over 45 years. 35mm (film and digital) remains my primary format. Larger format photography (6x6 and 4x5) as well as alternative processes and methods are an evolving area of exploration.

My hope is that as you view these images you will take away an increased appreciation for the complexity and beauty of nature in particular, and the world in general.

To view these images at their best, select "slide show" from the gallery viewing options.

I can be contacted at rntilden@fixedshadow.com

Guestbook for Bob Tilden Photography
Peggy R. Pearson(non-registered)
Bob, I just viewed the photos you did of Seabury's carillon. I was deeply moved by your images. I had no idea the bells had inscriptions. Thank you for your beautiful images!
Dave Tilden(non-registered)
Wow, there has been a noticable shift in the qualities of your images; it used to be that your images showed that you had a good eye and great composition skills, but now you've moved to the next level. The luminosity of the colors, the contrasts of the monotones are just incredible. Bravo.
Mark Baker(non-registered)
Awesome! The 2010 Calendar is the best ever. I'm still going to plan a visit during outdoor (CBG) shooting weather. Katy (eldest daughter) is really getting into photog too! Happy Holidays!
Nancy Shanteau(non-registered)
It's a pleasure to see your photos again! I love seeing albums like the Toronto album, to see how you see, what you select, etc.

I'm a particular fan of your close up and geometric work. I especially like the bark and grafitti pieces.